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LEARN 2 LAX | Beginner Level Lacrosse Clinic

AGE:  6-9 and 10-13 years old


DATES: Sundays, Feb. 18 - Mar. 24


Times: Boys 1:00 pm. Girls 2:00 pm

COST:  $140.00 for 6 weeks

LOCATION: Teamworks Northborough

This is the perfect introduction to the sport of Lacrosse!

The goal of this program is to teach the basic skills of lacrosse (catching, throwing, picking up ground balls, dodging, and shooting) in a fun, high-energy environment and share our passion for the game of lacrosse.

Our experienced staff specializes in working with new players to introduce the skills necessary to be a successful player and then reinforce those skills through activities and games.


Only a lacrosse stick is needed for this clinic. Don't have a lacrosse stick? A limited number of lacrosse sticks are available for players to borrow. Email to request a stick.


Questions? Contact Chris Widelo 508-202-0546 at

Program Overview

Basic Stick Skills

- Players will learn how to properly hold the stick and position thier hands to cradle the lacrosse ball

- Players will learn how to move with the ball through the use of the cradle at different speeds and directional change

Picking Up/Scooping Ground Balls

- Instruction on the basic techniques to scoop up balls that are on the ground and transition to a cradle

- Players will learn the basic communication used by teammates during a ground ball situation and the overall importance of communication in the game of lacrosse

- Ground ball activities and games will be used to reinforce goundball techniques


Catching and Throwing

- Coaches will demonstrate the proper hand position and technique for catching and throwing.  Players will mirror their actions

- Coaches will work with players to develop the proper catching and throwing techniques including hand and arm position, upper body movement and footwork

- Players will participate in drills to work on this skill both stationary and on the move


- Like throwing, coaches will demonstrate the proper hand position and technique for shooting

- Proper hand and arm position along with upper body rotation and footwork will be emphasized

- Players will participate in shooting drills that incorporate previously learned skills too


- Coaches will introduce ways for the ball carrier to elude their opponent using a skill called dodging

- Players will work on the footwork, stick work, and body movements that result in a successful dodge

- Face dodge, roll dodge, and split dodge will be introduced in addition to teaching change of direction and variation of speed



- Coaching staff will introduce the basic concepts of individual player-to-player defense

- Players will work on proper stance, footwork, body position and defensive techniques 

- Players will be guided as to the basic rules of playing defense with an emphasis on safety and the use of body positioning over checking


Location and Directions



185 Otis Street
Northborough, MA 01532

Teamworks is conveniently located off of Route 9 in Northborough, between Worcester and Framingham.  This  70,000 square-foot indoor facility features a non-boarded turf field and 3 boarded turf fields.

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