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International Lacrosse Tours

2018 Tour Destinations:

Amsterdam, Neatherlands
June 25 - July 2, 2018
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XCEL Lacrosse is pleased to announce that we have merged with BIG 3 Lacrosse to now offer international lacrosse tours. This affiliation brings over 8 years of international lacrosse travel to the XCEL brand and formalizes a partnership that has existed since the first tour to Prague in 2009.



What makes our international lacrosse tours the best value out there?

  • All inclusive! From take off to touchdown, all meals, sightseeing tours, transit, fees, and lodging are covered.

  • The co-owners of XCEL, with a combined 20 years of experience in international travel, accompany the teams to our destination and manage every aspect of the trip to ensure the best lacrosse/travel experience possible.

  • It's more than lacrosse! This is a once in a lifetime expereince. When we are not on the field we are out sightseeing, enjoying local cusine and experiencing local culture. We contract with local tour companies and local, english speaking tour guides that take us to all the must see places as well as some unique, local attractions.

  • Our goal is to make this trip as affordable as possible. We are passionate about lacrosse and this unique experience.  When it comes down to it, we look forward to this trip as much as our player do!

Past International Lacrosse Tours

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 Lowlands Tournament

2018 Lowlands Tournament

Berlin Germany

2012 Berlin Open

Prague, Czech Republic

2009 Prague Cup

2010 Prague Cup

2011 Prague Cup

2012 Prague Cup

2014 Prague Cup

2016 Prague Cup

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